Women in Berlin, strong and independent

The encounter with women in Berlin was very inspirative for me, Yugoslav woman
In Belgrade, girls and women are always perfectly looking as like as they live in Hollywood. They are very focused on appearance, mostly with makeup and very good and similarly dressed in the latest fashion dictated by the current stars, mostly so they put accent on their bodies.

With most women in Berlin this is not case. To be clear, the Berliners woman are beautiful, but not so attacked, their beauty is calm like their look was deliberately put behind, like it is not matter to them. On the street they are with less makeup and when they put some it’s
unnoticeably. Accent is on natural appearance and natural hair color.


There are girls who look very alternative, with a colored hair and in a handmade clothes, with lots of pearcings and tattoos, like a futuristic film. These are mostly women younger than 30.

If we say that the streets of Belgrade are most likely  passed by students whose average age is less than 25, in Berlin on the streets are mostly women over 30s. These are mostly mothers with children. The typical women in Berlin are dressed in a classic style, as the time stopped in the 60’s when the trapeze skirts till knees were new hit. Dressed classically with just a few contemporary details such as an interesting coat or socks of interesting design and color. All this is done on classy way and if you would see the photo you could not say with certainty from what period and whether they are those or their moms or grandmothers. Aside from the fact that the all present women in Berlin certainly have some piercing and tattoo, no matter how classy they are, so at least you would say not the grandmother because their moms, on my great surprise, are tattooed too :).

Women in Berlin can afford to be imaginative and creative, so they dress and cut their hair the way they really feel comfortable without any accent on their sexapell.

Since I have been in Berlin for 10 months, I have become clearer why women here do not have that insane need to always look like sex symbols or models.
The secret is in the financial independence that probably their grandmothers won or even a generations before. In any case, it must have been a long time ago because that financial independence is very rooted in.

Simply, they do not chase their husbands and dreams by their looks.

Women here are placed on a deserved pedestal and do not need men’s affidavit neither to deserve that place by their looks. The law is very protect them.
I met a couple of mommy singles with more children from relationships with different partners. From the financial side, all of them live very nice, the state helps them so much that is not worth at all to look for a job. It was very shocking to me that an unemployed single mother of three children could even take a private school for older child.

Given that marriage here is not a means of providing financial security, so divorce is not situation that a woman can lose that security. After the divorce, the kids, as a rule, is in 99% of the cases belonging to the mother and the father has to pay the allowance.

I do not know how much this has affected but the men here are very calm and dedicated to the family. 🙂

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  1. Dear Tatjana, thank you for this article. I lived my whole live in Berlin or near by in Falkensee, so it was normal for me to see the women like they live here in Germany/Berlin.
    I think, it is really time, that “the other 50 %” of the human beeings have to live, also as men do since the beginning of time. Free, able to show, that it is good enough who they are, as they are. Hope more and more women and men start to think that it is time to change wanting, that women have to look fake beautiful and fake sexy all the time, but wear the clothes they feal comfortable with. No high heels, that hurts their feed, no to short dress in the winter, so they feal cold and so on and on.
    Whish you the very best for the future.
    Many greetings,

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