Sunday in Mauerpark

Mauerpark musician

My first encounter with Berlin’s parks was exactly Mauerpark. Till beginning of April I lived very close to this park and spent the winter Sundays there.
The name was given by the Berlin Wall what was next to it and the memorial Mauer Museum nearby.
Throughout the year, in the park, there is a vintage flea market with very old things. And this is where you can buy various artwork from famous artists personally.

Gustavo Ramirez Cruz exhibition in Mauerpark

Mauerpark is very popular among tourists as much as for the museum, so much for the flea market.

Near by the flea market, no matter what the weather is, there is also a variety of performances, organized by many musicians and artists.
In a winter, people used to drink hot wine and brandy.
Various street musicians and bands from all continents during weekends in Mauerpark playing for a change and doing a promotion of their CDs that you can buy there.

Musicians in Mauerpark

In a summers all Berlin’s parks get a brand new face and become the most wonderful places in the world. And Mauerpark is a very special one.
There are thousands of people gathering there. Musicians and bands play on more than 10 improvised stages. The whole park becomes a great world festival.

Musicians in Mauerpark

Now I live in the second part of the city, Friedrichshain, and during the summer I was not often there. In my area there is also a well-known Boxhagener park, with far smaller but similar events, so I hardly make a move to go to Mauerpark for what I need at least half an hour of continuous biking. But whenever I went there, I was always shocked by the number of people and how it all looked good.

Musicians in Mauerpark

Without any overstatement, an usual weekend in Mauerpark looks like a day at a better world festival.

Every few meters there is one band or musician who plays and promotes his album. These are all quality bands coming from all over the world.

Musicians in Mauerpark

The most popular place in the park, however, is karaoke. As you can see, only here there are at least a thousand people.

Mauerpark Karaoke

Mauerpark is among the first 5 places to be visited and personally experienced in Berlin.

So when you come, make sure you plan to spend one Sunday there. In a summer is the best, but Mauerpark will be happy to welcome you on any Sunday during whole year.

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