Summer in Berlin

My days here are filled with a series of similar activities that are repeting every day.

During this summer in Berlin, on working days, I get up about 8, then I take my bike for 30 minutes, or I have a cup of coffee with Dragan who at 9 go to work. Usually, then, Kaja starts to moving in her bed. This is a sign that she will soon be really awakened; sometimes immediately and sometimes within half an hour. In any case, everyday mother duties begin sometime before 10 :).

Next 2h, we’re chasing ourselves by the apartment. Or at least it is how it looks like for someone looking from the side, but in fact I feed her, change her clothes and prepare meals for go out to the park. Also, in the chase with her, I try to do a few more jobs, such as collecting laundry and preparing food for the afternoon making lunch.

Everyday in the noon, we go to some park.

I am very grateful for that in Berlin, in about 2 kilometers in diameter, there are at least 10 big and well-known parks around us. And very often when we return home, passing some new streets, we discover some new and hidden park. It’s a wonderful experience.

park in friedrichshein during summer in berlin

Time spent in the park is joy for both of us. The parks are beautiful, very clean and safe. All children are barefoot from the first spring temperatures in April.

People here are very friendly.

They are mostly smiling and just be very positive. If you do not want to communicate, nobody will bother you, but if you ask someone something, you quickly and easily get into quite normal conversations. For example, the other day, I started a talk with one mom. She carried a  couple of months old baby in a carrier. It turns out that she has two more children going to kindergarten. Since I am  actively looking for a place in the kindergarten for Kaja, I mentioned that to her, too. She said that she knows that in the kindergarten where they go, there is one free place, because her friend is moving and the place of the friend’s child will remain vacant. The next half of hour a woman, I first saw in my life, called the numbers and she was engaged to check that information. It turned out a new child came in the meantime, but nevertheless, the woman was really tried to help.

The atmosphere among children is very friendly, too. Kids play and exchange toys among themselves. The toys they bring are suitable for playing in the park. These are mainly balls, pails and shovels and other plastic toys of this type. I did not notice that any kid brings a car on battery, a barby doll or any expensive toy. I like this a lot. Kaja here has a childhood similar to mine back to eighties, and far from modern childhood in Belgrade, where already at this age moms race which child will have more branded wardrobe and more expensive toys. Here, young children as well as older than ten years behave and dress like real children, chase on the playground and play in sand and mud. I have not yet seen one of them sitting on the bench with a cellphone in their hands. Girls from 11-12 years wear wide and long dresses, children’s design, similar to Kaja’s now, with a print of cherries and watermelons, as I wore as a kid, and of course they were worn by their mothers as well, and mother’s mom for sure. For contemporary Belgrade, this would be strange

Kaja in these big Berlin’s parks enjoys playing in the tree’s shadow, on the fountain, in the sand and mud, barefoot, as like as she grows in some village.

Kaja during this summer in Berlin

Summer in Berlin is very pleasant in any way.

If you have a plan to visit this city, that should be in this period when the temperature is nicely 25c degrees  this city becomes the host of many festivals and other events. Best of all, the temperature does not exceed 27 C degrees, and is mostly around 24C. This means that every walk or activity can be performed normally during whole day. Two of us normally go for a walk in the period between noon and 2.

Temperature-summer in Berlin

After the park we usually stop by in our favorite coffee shop, and after 2pm we are at home. Then I cook something fresh for Kaja and fed her. After she sleeps for one hour or two and is already 5pm. Dragan usually comes about half past six and until then we are doing couple of the jobs around which she also likes to be in, such as drying the laundry.

In the afternoon, we all go to visit the city by bikes.

This is a very cool activity for us all and Kaja sit in her trailer than.

Two times a week, we have a babysitter for a couple of hours. Then Dragan and I go for a drink, usually in YAAM or in some other club. During this summer in Berlin, these are moments that do not have much to do with the rest of the hours, but this is what goes on in the world of parenting. I became far more grateful at these moments of freedom. I look forward to those and spending it with more quality than before.

Our first summer in Berlin

I believe many expected that the post under the title Summer in Berlin will be the text full of party, funs and idles, but it is not. Having a child at this age means that wherever you are, you are first and foremost a parent and all goes about it. I am very happy and grateful that I spend this summer in Berlin at the period when Kaja is still unreasonable and parks and juggling with her and other obligations are my life. I do not know how to endure in Belgrade at + 40C where we have 2-3 parks in Dorćol. Tragi-comedic contest with moms for the best brand-dressed baby not to mention.
Instead, I feel peace.

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