9 big fat reasons why is Berlin such a cool

When I moved to Berlin, I did not have a clear idea of what I could expect from one such a city. I liked what I heard from others, or read on forums and sow on the net. I knew that it is currently the coolest city in Germany, Europe, and one of the world’s coolest, but what it will mean to me, I did not know.

Specifically, the term cool is relative, with many interpretations, so that for some people it implies to own yachts, for others, it means smoke marijuana and be part of that population, while for some, concept of cool is related only to good looks.

For me, this term denotes every person who lives his life and respects other and irrelevant to what class, race, religion, beliefs and commitments belongs, he does not emphasize his way of life as the only true one. To accept diversity without the last thoughts and accents on that, it is the most dominate point in the term cool.

Well, Berlin has the same beliefs!

1. Discrimination based on appearance and diversity is set on minimum

For example, when you are just coming to this town and going to any store, shoping a mole market, salon, ambulance, and even kindergarten, you will be surprised by the many staff with dreadlocks, piercings, and tattoos from head to toe.
On the other hand, no matter who you are and how you look like, walk, speak, all stays with the same kind smile on their face trying to do their job as good as possible, as if they are there just for you and as you are the only one customer, client or whatever.

Kindness, professionalism or personal trait it doesnt matter, as long as they treat us with respect, right?

Discrimination based on appearance and diversity is set to a minimum. In the streets, gay people are holding hands, transsexuals dress up their gowns and walking with make up, and you can see the most unusual people, with tattoos even over their faces. What break the prejudices and ice even if you are the most conservative person, are they themselves when hold a door for you, open a gate in the park because you are with a baby carriage or they ask you for some direction so kindly with a big smile on face.

The same situation is with cafes. The waiters do not mourn because they have estimated that you have or have no money.

2. In Berlin it is totally ok to not have a money and this is another great reason for which Berlin is cool.

If you do not always want to pay 4-6 euros for drinks in cafes in parts of city known for good nightlife, you can go for a beer for one-two euros in kiosk next to that cafe. Every kiosk has a bench with a table in front where customers can sit and drink the drinks and coffee. This way is very popular among students and Berliners.


People leave things that they do not need next to buildings. Here we can find completely preserved, some people would say “new” furnitures, books, clothes, and there are also paintings on canvas. It’s not a garbage but a lot of circumstances that you just have to leave something you do not need because you have to move to another apartment or you have simply changed the taste in the meantime. People who will take it belong again to all levels of society, but they simply like the book or shelf and they will take it .

Flea markets with old and vintage things and furniture are organized in every bigger park in the sun. These happenings are accompanied by musical performances. Clothes can be bought here for euro, two or three.

Almost every street has a smaller secondhand shop and each part of town one big one. At my quart it’s Humana, a huge 4-floor building on whose last floor there are vintage dresses from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I am very grateful for that. For the past few months I’m there at least once a week. There are again people from all parts of the world.

3. ANTIFA movements and residents squat buildings here are really active in the fight against fascism and capitalism.


One of the next awards and accolades I would give Berlin is that almost everything is available for bicycles and strollers.

When you are on bike or with a trolley, everything goes without any problems, you can ride everywhere you want without thinking about availability. Unbelieveable!

5. Fantastic parks for children are also on this list.

At every couple of buildings there is a huge theme-park for children. Park theme is always different. There are dragons, distorted world, jungle park, fountains parks, etc. At our neighbourhood, in a couple of square miles, there are 10 large parks for children and they are all varied and varied. Toboggans and swings in the building’s yard do not count.




6. Student jobs are always on offer
Although Berlin is one of the poorest German regions, even as a non-german-speaking student, you can earn enough without the help of a parents Fb pages are full of adverts for babysitters and waiters. One hour for babysitting is payed 10 euros and it is quite easy to find a job of this type.

7. Free daily entertainment and various festivals that are the level of the Belgrade beer festival here during the summer at least once a week. Everything begins with the Festival for the First May, through the Carnival of the Culture, the Fete de la musique and continues throughout the entire summertime.

8. In addition to many alternate and bohemian parts, Berlin also has a fancy, tourist and somewhat futuristic part:

9. Picture says more than 1000 words. Berlin is so cool that this plants grow on the street. ­čÖé

Of course, there are still planty of reasons why Berlin is a cool city and maybe someone else would mentioned some others. For me, personally,  these nine are dominant.

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