Pursuit for apartmant

Or who did not seek a long-term apartment in Berlin, does not know what the trouble is .
We came, settled in a hotel, and then in a beautiful apartment leased to three months from the owner who is over winter traveled to India.

Many owners do not want to be short-term tenants applying to the address. Without residence registration, in Berlin you can not finish anything, even some banal things such as opening a bank account. Apartments that are rented out through this site, are generally more expensive for a few hundred euros because those are very luxury furnished, but next to stay in nice apartments, the owners give consent to register  on their address.

Germans love paperwork and believe only securities. To open a bank account it is necessary to have a milion documents and wait 7-10 days to get number to activate the account on the address where you are registered. Without open an account you can not even think about looking for an apartment for a longer period. All necessary documentation here are not issued in person but sent by post and therefore it is extremely important to register at the correct address.
After two months here, of which month and a half to collect the documents, we were ready to the famously search for the apartment.

When from Belgrade we read forums, realize that here very difficult to find an apartment. Then go to ads for flats and see that every day in every known end appears at least three perfect and three more acceptable apartments and that those who were in circulation prior to twenty days is still on offer. Only then you did not realize anyhing. In Belgrade, the apartments are issued for two days, or even less, and already withdrawn from the ads because they are rented. Why then in Berlin are the same ads for weeks?
When we gather all the necessary documentation, we thought that this is the most difficult part of the job but when we started to send the document to the flats that we like, we realized that even this step is not easy. They invited us to look at only every other apartment which we liked. Although we have a very solid earnings and a baby and after that we belong to most wanted tenants in Berlin, for some owners was minus what we foreigners and do not speak German. Some owners do not want to grant foreigners who do not speak German, for practical reasons of future communication.

They are not in hurry, so that they would rather wait a few weeks until the perfect candidate. Therefore, agents, through which here goes all, organized showing the apartment several times a week for 5-6 candidates. Means that one apartmant reaches about 20 candidates, on average, and the agent sends the document of five best to owner of the apartment to pick who he liked. The final decision takes a couple of days. For every better apartmant, from the moment it appear in advertisements passes a minimum of one month until it is rented.
All of this for us, it was very stressful because we are in this whole circle owner-agent-we, the only we who are in a hurry. But after twenty days in constant quest and us luck changed and we found an apartmant in favorite location with a contract for a year.

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