How much does the sky over Berlin cost?

Many people ask me how much money  is necessary for living in Berlin.

I can only answer how much some basic items cost and write about prices here in Friedrichshain but I can not fully answer this question how much money the one need.

Because we are all different and spend on other things. for one person it’s a priority to live in a good location, to another is important night life and clubs, and to someone how much can save on one  month so that in general I can not say how much money is necessary for living here but I can answer how much some basic items cost.


Prices in Friedrichshain

As everywhere else in the world, in Berlin also, the biggest money issue is renting a flat.

We currently live in 60 square meters, which is a smaller apartment here. The building is completely new and is located in an ultra-fancy complex that enters the gate by typing the code. All buildings in this complex have a camera at the entrance, a flat access, a huge elevator, a cellar and a garage.

The irony is that we did not ask for any of these fancy things. It was only important for us to live in this part of the city. But when we looked for the apartment, we received the confirmation answer only from the owner of this apartment. We did not have time to look for longer, so we accepted.

The price for renting this apartment per mounth is 900 euros. This is very much overestimated price and the real price in Friedrichshain based on location and all the benefits should be a maximum of 800.

In an older building, mostly without an elevator, for 60m2,  would be about 750 euros.

The problem is that for more people are competing for cheaper apartments, and the owners usually choose someone who is German or at least speak German. (On the topic of rent I already wrote a post.)

If we were searching the apartment outside of the central circle of Berlin, for 60m2 we would probably pay between 650 and 700 eu.

Apartment prices are growing horribly and fast.
For example, people who came a couple of years ago still pay far bigger flats at this location 500-600 euros. They have contracts for a couple of years that still last.

But to summarize, people who come this year to rent a 60m2 apartment would have to pay 700-1000 euros in central Berlin. The deposit for all apartments is usually 3 rents.

On average, add a minimum of 250 euros for heating and electricity.

The Internet and phone are billed separately, in our case it is about 50 euros.

The next item is equipping the apartment.

As I have already mentioned, the apartments you rent on your behalf are in 95% of cases empty. This means that you enter the comletely empty apartment which do not even have any kitchen elements and no hotplate and fridge. The present furnishing of our apartment costed about 3 thousand euros, and still miss some things.

Food and groceries in the markets are similar to price in East Europe.

On average, in Berlin it is expensive for some 10-20 percent, but what’s really shocking is that it’s twice higher quality and there are no bad products. Whether you pay two euros or five, the difference is only in the pack or in the brand. Taste and quality remain equally good. A solid weekly basket with groceries for us three (and our cats) is about 100 euros.

Prices of food in Edeka store Friedrichshain


Bakeries, restaurants and fast food are generally twice expensive than in Belgrade.

In Belgrade and any Balkan-countries-capital, if we take into account the prices of groceries in the markets + the time consumed to cook and compare with the restaurant prices, cooking there is luxury.

Here are all service activities and even those culinary ones are considerably more expensive. There is nothing under 3 euros, whether it is coffee in cafes or biscuits in bakery or fast food.

Coffee are generally between 2.50-3 euros. Ordinary sandwiches and biscuits in bakeries are usually about 3, and fast food is more than 3.5 euros.

Meals in cafe-restaurants are mostly over 7 euros.

Cocktails and alcoholic beverages are almost everywhere around 5 euros. The cigarette box is 6.

Monthly ticket for transport is 80 euros. That’s a lot, but there are benefits. During working days after 20h, during both days of weekends and holidays, this card is valid for the entire family. Also, this is a simple piece of paper without any personal information so you can borrow it to anyone.

Cutting for men is over 10 euros. I have dreadlocks and fixing for it is the same price as in Belgrade, 30 euros.

Haircut prices in Friedrichshain

Only a few years ago Berlin has been one of the cheapest cities in Western Europe, but now it’s different story. Although this is still the poorest region in Germany, prices grow on a daily basis.

However, unlike ex Yugoslovenian coountries, here are several ways to earn or at least help the family budget. One of the popular ways for students and mothers, is the so-called mini job. by means of which you only receive a monthly salary of 450 euros for only 12 working hours a week. But about it in one of the following posts.

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