Palma de Mallorca

I have to admit that I have never been a huge fan of traditional family vacations on sea. All these activities carry the level of the pressure. You travel somewhere, usually to a small coa place full of a families, in order to do the same activities for 10 days, from day to day, which include early waking, breakfast, beach breaks, alternating roasting in the sun at +35 degrees and swimming, reapiting this till lunch or even dinner. And all this in a hurry and must-do and for days. I can not see relaxing time in this kind of activities. Personally, it is very tiring to me and as I mention it, a big pressure.

And now with our 18-months-old Kaja, who is quite afraid of the waves and sea, and only loves to run along the beach and for which we have to run, in the classical family vacation, all is possible but not a break.

To be understood, I love both the sea and the sun, and I would like to live by the sea for couple of months or years. Then the beach would be my everyday life, so all these activities would be a real joy. I would go to the beach whenever I want, relaxed, without personal compulsion for the third day even though I’m not like going and I would rather stay in an air-conditioned area anyway, but I go to the beach because “that’s why I’m there” so I would not regret it later if I missed it …

I’m probably one of few, but . if I can choose, I will always choose to travel or even go to the festival instead to vacation.

For these reasons, to the sea, I always go for a maximum  5 to 7 days and, if possible, in a bigger coastal town, so that, besides the beach, this third day could wander around the city and

discover how the locals really live.

This year from Berlin we went to Mallorca. It may sound commercially, but from here it is one of the more favorable destinations. For just € 700, for 3 of us, we got airline travel in both directions, an all inclusive pansion that included accommodation and full board for 6 days, as well as using the pool and unlimited amount of drinks all day long, in this hotel close to the beautiful beach.

The hotel is located at the entrance to Palma, a 10-minute walk to the first beach and 15 minutes by public transport from the city center where we were often.

Fantastic Palma was an incredible surprise for me. It would not be enough to write about three posts, but here’s a brief summary.



The whole city is the size as Amsterdam. The old core of the city, quite big area, is intertwined with small narrow coastal streets, as well as large and wide squares and alleys.

At times feel that you are in Madrid or some great old European city that does not have much to do with the island, but then you again stray into small narrow streets, typical for the coast cities.


Architecture is mixed, Spanish with a big influence of Moors. The most beautiful buildings are palaces and cathedrals dating from the Middle Ages, but the entire city is all aligned and somehow fairytail.


This is how I imagine Dorne from the Game of Thrones.


Every day for a hours and hours I wandered and without breath and words, I just enjoyed what I sow. And take a photos and photos in the hope that I will keep the moments this way.



Even if there is no beautiful open sea, Palma would be one of the most beautiful European cities.

The sea and beach views are a special story.

The beaches are large and wide, mostly sandy, idyllic, with palm trees, but there are also a few stony one. A special experience was Playa de Palma, a beautiful sandy beach with palm trees, which is hundreds of meters into the sea and still shallow water at a height of just over half a meter. Perfect for children and relaxation.


Surprisingly, there are no cafes on the beaches. Accustomed to Belgrade’s Ada, the Budva Riviera and the Croatian coast, where cafes next to the water are normal occurrence, it was very strange to me, but laws about state beaches are probably being respected here and there are no tables next to the water.

As for the prices, in general, there are various. Wardrobe, souvenirs and cigarettes are much cheaper than in Berlin, much like in Belgrade, while prices in cafes and restaurants vary. The most favorable I found was a cappuccino + chocolate cake for just 3.5 euros in a small cafe next to the beach where our hotel was.

While ice coffee in more exclusive bars, such as the Anima beach bar and in some cafes in city center, costs 8-10 euros.

It’s similar with a food in a restaurants . Mallorca has everything you want for everybody’s pocket.

Six days passed very fast. Every day was quite filled with new places, streets and beaches, and we also met some dear people. Beautiful Palma and its beaches will stay forever in my heart.

Coming back to Berlin, while we were pushing trolleys, tired in late hours, through our Rigaer strasse, people hang around in front of squat buildings. We were somewhat uncomfortable passing by them, because they were lying down and sitting on the street, and we did not have another way to pass. But as soon as they saw us, they immediately engaged and moved aside themselves and others so we can pass. Doing that all with a smile.

It’s wonderful to return to a city with this kind of soul <3

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