Magic Praha nights

Kaja’s second birthday, which is on January 5th, imposed in December as a theme for thinking how we will celebrate it this time. We chose to travel to Athens to celebrate her first birthday instead of a standard celebration. In this way, Kaja got a unique celebration of the first birthday with a mini cake and a candle on the Acropolis.

This year, we are far from our cousins with children, Kaja is not going to kindergarten so we do not know very many children which would call for birthday party and we decided to travel again. Our modest budget determined that this time it was Prague, to which we went by train and in which we were never before. The return ticket by the Berlin-Prague train costed us very low and on the 4th of January we were in Berlin trainstation at 9 am.

I have not been to the main Berlin railway station until then. I do not go much into the fancy parts of West Berlin and the station was shocking because it resembles some futurustic film. At least the airport. We sit in a half-empty train that was going on a Hamburg-Budapest route and wasnt late even for minute. Next 4h we were in the train that look like more as an airplane.

Sometime after noon, we arrived in Prague. We walked from the station to the hotel by foot. At first glance, Prague reminded me very much of Belgrade with bigger number of beautiful old buildings. The hotel is located in the Old Town and when we arrived it was already time for lunch after which we all went to our room to rest.
When I went out again alone, it was about 4 in the afternoon and the evening went down. This time, Prague has become far better. A real old, aristocratic capital with beautiful buildings, theaters and museums. Evening slowly descended and I walked around the hotel, made beautiful photos and quickly returned, deliberately leaving Old Town Square for later.

After dinner, we all went on a city tour. This time the whole city looked like some kind of beautiful ballet scene. Magical!

The sparkling illumination seems to have been worked out and detailed in detail for each building, especially to achieve magic, and to emphasize each one in his own form, and also to be like that in somekind of fog, somewhat unreal and magically. If you doubt in the specialness of Prague during the day, in the evening you will surelly feel why it is so much talks about this city. Prague becomes a fairy tale at night.

In that festive period, immediately after New Year’s Eve, in the evening on the square, the performance of classical music was organizing so that the experience of fairy tales was even stronger. On the square were the traditional New Year’s booths. Everything smelled of cinnamon, chocolate and boiled wine.

The next day, Kaja’s birthday, we celebrated on the Old square with balloons and cake.


Kaja blew into her candle with number 2 right in front of the famous Astronomical Clock while tourists from different parts of the world sang her Happy birthday to you! and congratulate the birthday.

After that, we symbolically released a helium balloon in the form of number 2. Kaja was a little sadly watching the balloon flying over the clock and the old castle. I was trying to explain to her that everything was fine and that we had to leave some things in the right time, while they were still nice, until they were dwindled and lost their true shape, while they could still fly. Kaja was so sad, but when she saw the baloon was too high and her nervous has no longer point, she waved and said :Bye, bye!
I was so proud of my little girl! The kids are far more reasonable than us 🙂

That evening we planned to go to the spectacular cafe “Krcma  u Pavouka”. The cafe is a real medieval tavern where dinners are organized as in that period with torches, troubadours and dancers.

We were hoping we would go somehow without reservation, but it was impossible. I asked the man at the entrance to take a look it, and what I saw seemed to be spectacular. The next time I want to visit Prague I will make a reservation in that cafe first.

The next day is still to see Charles Bridge and part of the river Vltava. That part of the city is also very nice. These are miles of well-groomed streets and beautiful, old buildings.

From the river you can enjoy a glimpse of the city and the recognizable Powder Castle.

A variety of performances are maintained at the Charles Bridge, which is just for pedestrians. Here you can hear live music from all continents.

So we enjoyed the music as much as in a beautiful view.

Latter that evening we had a train to Berlin.

The time in Prague we used very quality and saw almost everything we needed. We did not manage to visit the castle because it was closed in that period.

So, there is something left for the next visiting.


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