Hunting for A Pediatrician in Berlin

Kaya at pediatrician in Berlin

The first encounter with pediatrician in Berlin we had at the beginning of February.

Kaja had a cold. We just moved from hotel into an apartment rented for 3 months, in a rush for a necessery documentation. With all this, it was very cold. As Kaja’s naïve cold did not pass, and despite all hot soups and cups of tea, she was worse, we had to take her to the some pediatrician in Berlin.

When I read about living in Germany from Belgrade, I found that it was difficult to find a pediatrician in Berlin. I thought it was hard for people who looked for some with millions of recommendations so i did not pay full attention on this information.

Our first attempt to arrange an appointment was via Jameda. Some forums recommend that from the warm room visit this website and find your pediatrician in Berlin, nearest  to you, send him an email or just phone him and you will finish everything while you drinking coffee. Yeah, right!

These attempts may be succeed if someone who phones to pediatricians at least speaks German. Since this was not the case with us, we abandoned the phoning after a couple of unsuccessful attempts.

In Belgrade, since Kaja was born, we had private insurance and it was enough to phoned them, and they would arranged an appointment in a private clinic by our choice within half an hour.

Should I say that I expected similar service here in Berlin?

We have good TK insurance here, it covers treatment in state and private clinics. It works that we do no t call service but we arranging an appointmants and see doctors, by ourselves. It’s good for later, but it’s harder at the beginning, when you just came and starting new life in a foreign country.

As Kaja was getting worse, and we did not manage an appointment on the net, the next step was to take her to the nearest pediatrician and see what further.

The first nearest one was in the building next to ours, but when we arrived, they leftfor a collective vacation.

The second shock was suprising us at the next pediatrician. They worked only 4-5 hours a day. So, we were late for that day.

When we arrived at the third, a pediatric nurse greeted us at the entrance. Kindly told us they not arrange appointments with a new patients.

Thinking that we did not understand each other well, we said that we had insurance and showed the card. She looked at it and with a smile repeated that they were full and could not take any new patients. We were shocked. How is it possible that someone in a private practice does not take new patients?

We asked what to do now, and she added that that time, when doctor would found the time, would examined Kaja because she is sick but not an emergency, to come in and wait for a . In the end she again underlined that is just for that time and in the future we have to have our pediatrician, and that clinic do not take new patients.

We’ve came into waiting room full of children. It was impossible to keep Kaja in her trolleys so we let her walk. For next three hours, our 13-months-old Kaja was touching and putting everything in her mouth. I prayed only for her not catching any of the worse illness than one we brought her for. During that time, without pause, only one doctor entered and exited the one and then other room, working on two kids almost at the same time, not losing one minute, like a bee. Kids that had been scheduled for that day were just coming and leaving, we were still waiting.

After at least 15 children and more than 3 hours of waiting, the doctor invited us before the end of working hours. She was calm, smiling and kind like Kaja was her only patient that day. Kaja got an examination and medicines. The doctor said if the situation did not improve to come again, but she repeated that they were full and can not take any new patiant. Looking at her past hours, doing without pausing coming out and coming in of the room for hours, it was somewhat clear to me that there was a lot of work to do, but how would we do treat Kaja if they were all full? She said we had to look and search for a pediatrician in other parts of the city.

Kaja was better in the next days, so there was no need for pediatricians.

By moving to a new apartment, one of the *must do* items was to find a permanent pediatrician int the new neighbrohood. Kaja is a pretty healthy and strong girl, rarely sick but we will not wait for her to get sick and then to search for one in a rush.. No, of course, we will not! Just to do this and the most urgent that, and we are looking for a pediatrician right away. That * and that * took off until the middle of June when Kaja suddenly began to cough hard and it did not pass.

We headed for the first closest pediatrician. Now we are already sure that everyone will examine an ill child, but if we are not there regular patients, we can not schedule that examine, but just go and wait for a few hours, and they will examine when they find time. That’s simply how it is.

A perfect little clinic with online scheduling and tracking capabilities, located in the nice neighbrohood about 10 minutes by foot from ours. By the way, all pediatric clinis here are super-arranged with many colorful paintings and toys and are more reminiscent of kindergartens than on clinics.

Pediiatrician in Berlin

When we arrived, the February story repeated, at the entrance, a nurse told us she would examined us that time, but thay can not take any new patients.

This time we’ve been waiting for two hours. Kaja got an examination and a recipe for medicines. Eventually the nurse gave us a number from the new ambulance and said they were receiving the patients. We thanked honestly. Later, on the map, we saw that this recommended office was far away, in the other part of the city, but what to do, we got one pediatrion at least.
In a few days, Kaja got a rash so we went back to the doctor who gave the medicine. When we got in the line, the nurse smiled and asked if we wanted Kaja to be a regular patients there. We could not believe it. She added that she now asked the pediatrician if there was one place for us and that the pediatrician had given a positive answer. OMG, we got a pediatrician in Berlin! No matter how much banal it seemed to you, we were soo happy like she got the college she liked 🙂


Generally, in Germany is the only procedure to go into the system, primarily because of papyrology, everything takes a time. But once you are in the system, everything is working perfectly. Unlike we used to on Balkan.

We had a bit of luck this time. The next challenge will be chase for kindergarten :).




























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