Holidays in Berlin

December. It’s only a few days left until the end of this and the beginning of New 2018. Although this number, to us who have born in the former Yugoslavia, looks like the title of some SF movie, it seems the future is waiting around the corner 🙂

This period of a year always and everywhere has a special charm, and in December it is really magical in Berlin. People are happy, hang out with each other, buy a gifts, drink a wine and air smells on rolls and cinnamon. It is not so cold these days, so it can be wandered around the streets.

Here, the greatest holiday is Christmas, December 25. New Year is not so much represented but comes as a continuation of holiday days. Many festivals and fairs end on the day before Christmas. On Christmas Days, it was very difficult to find a coffee shop that works. Also, it is very difficult to get used to the fact that in the whole of Berlin, only a couple of big supermarkets work 24/7. Usually, during holidays all stores stayed closed because, imagine, workers have the right to spend these days with their family, too.

The December’s edition of Berlin offers something to everyone.There are different manifestations and everywhere is the holiday’s spirit. The streets, buildings, apartments, shopping centers … all are decorated early this month. Various street festivals and open-air fairs are organized. The biggest and most visited is, of course, the one on the Alexandar platz, in front of the Berlin Tower.



But the most interesting event to me was in our neighborhood, The Medieval Christmas Market (Historische weihnacht).

When I went there for the first time, the impression was WOW! It seemed like I was in the time machine and really back to a period of a few centuries ago. Everything is very authentic. Market, fires, torches, circus and even straw and mud provide the feeling that you are really at some medieval festival.


You can taste the real honey-schnapps made by the recipe from that period , or ride on the carousel that manually spins some bigger lad. You can buy a sword and shield or an authentic piece of wardrobe.

In their tents are fortune tellers who offer to look at fortune from crystal balls, palms and cards.
And there are circus and acrobats as well.

Whole the atmosphere at the festival that is being made by this troup is very rejoicing and it is obvious that all of them work with great love in the role of medieval salesmen. This Christmas festival is absolutely perfect for me and my taste. For a month, how long it lasted, I was back at least five times and definitely made this Berlins December beautiful.


The end of the year usually set itself as a time to see what the current year has brought to us all, what we have learned and how much we have been moved forward since last December.

Even though was very happy and glamorous on the one hand, on the other hand, for years, this period was very difficult. Usually, in December, there was a bunch of unfinished business or things that broke up and I could not help but I could just look at them, hoping everything would be all right.

If I would make the summation of this year, even this one was extremely tough and hard but soothing the fact that this was our own choice and we know that weight this time will certainly lead to a better life.

This 2017 began with the celebration of Kaja’s first birthday in Athens. Also, on the same day that we were traveling, the Embassy informed us that we had a resident visa for Germany that we had been waiting for last 3 months. We were so happy. When we came back from Athens, we were relocated. In mid-January we moved to Berlin with a couple of suitcases, a brand new, unknown city for us, the language we do not speak, where we did not have anyone close.

The adventure called Berlin began!

For something like this needs a great motivation, a certain amount of courage and even of insanity. Since then, we have changed 2 flats, starting from the first bought spoon, all this with our 1-year-old Kaja and 2 cats, with bank loan without which we could not move from Belgrade. Also, when we summate the cost of loan and renting the apartment here, we keep the same monthly budget we had in at least 30 percent cheaper in Belgrade. Luckily, money has never been the main motivation for anything, neither for our relocation here. The motivation for our relocation to Berlin was the orderliness and stability of this state and the normality of people in Berlin. So much we asked and exactly that much we got.

The whole year passed in the race, with a small cup of luck and a big glass of nervousness. Starting from the beginning has a certain charm, it seems you feel free and young, but sometimes there were very difficult moments. Of course, there are also very positive, precious moments like discovering Berlin, traveling to Athens, Mallorca and Barcelona, launching this blog … all in all, it was difficult but it was worth it. During the next period we have to work on our life here, but hardest moments have passed, and looking at things from the perspective of this festive December edition, I expect the best 🙂

I also wish you all the best! Believe in yourself, your dreams and miracles because those happen occasionally 🙂

Happy Holidays and Happy New 2018!

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