From Berlin to Barcelona

During October, in Berlin, we started to feel fall of energy . Our 22-months old Kaja is the only one who has always the energy for everything. In the morning she wakes up first and in the evening I do not know if it’s harder to start sleeping with her around 9pm because it usually lasts for an hour or two, and I’m asleep before her or either let her jump around and go to sleep at the same time when we go, about 11 pm. Over the day she’s barely sleeping for an hour. And I do not even turn around and she is already awake and full of energy.

Should I mention that I’m with Kaja alone most of all day, Dragan works and he is not with us all day, and in Berlin we are without the grandmothers or grandparents or good old friends to help a bit at least for a couple of hours, from time to time. We have not found a place in the kindergarten because there are many children in this part of the city and a small number of kindergartens take a children younger than 3 years old.

During summer we were spending time and playing in the beautiful Berlin parks, but when autumn came and with its rains and cold days, everything became much harder.

During October, I did not have the time or the strength to do anything else, even for the blogging. I needed the vacation urgently so Dragan took a couple of free days. I thought it would be nice to travel somewhere in a couple of days, and the autumn sky should be replaced with a little blue and sun in some warmer regions. Barcelona imposed itself here as the perfect choice for a number of reasons, including direct low-cost flights.

The first and only time before this I was in Barcelona many years ago at a school excursion where you see few of the three most popular destinations in the Mediterranean, some cities of Italy and France and in Spain they take you to a small coastal town near Barcelona where you spend a couple of days and one day you have a trip to the fantastic Barcelona. That day, many years ago, I really fell in love with this city! Barcelona was the most beautiful of all the sighted Mediterranean cities at that excursion, and it took me many years before I visited it again.

Re-encounter with Barcelona was like meeting a never-forgotten love.

As we landed, the sea and clear sky could be seen, while at the airport sunny day and 15 degrees in the morning were waiting for us. In the beginning of November, we booked a room in a hotel in the heart of the old city of Barcelona, the so-called. Gothic quarter. Taxi circled the old town for a long time, because the streets are very small and narrow meters, so it is very difficult to find the hotel.

We just put the suitcases into the room and immediately set off to the seaside. Along the way, we were passing through small beautiful streets, near to the beautiful cathedrals and historical buildings that date back to the medieval period. And then suddenly, as soon as we thought we would never get out of that labyrinth of narrow streets, a beautiful Catalan Square, Placa de Catalunya, with Columbus’s monument and dock was opened from where this sailor headed in his famous sailing to India, which resulted in the discovery America.

We walked by the dock and continued to the left by the sea to the first beach.

We spent most of those days on the Barcelona’s beaches and parks. When traveling with a small child, you can forget about shared visits to closed museums and galleries.

Luckily, Barcelona is full of open-air attractions that are very interesting to the youngest tourists.

Besides Barcelonas beaches, there are also parks, among which the Guell Park dominates. The most famous Catalonian, artist and architect, Gaudi, is guilty for many fairytale buildings scattered all over Barcelona, and the Guell Park is like a museum of his works.

Speaking of Gaudi, I must immediately mention that his temple, Sagrada Familia, fascinated me most. When I came down from the metro to the station with this name and the escalator, it climbed upward, after going to the surface, I remained open mouth shocked with the impossibility of this building. Sagrada Familia looks like some alien wonder dropped down into the middle of the city, as if some of the alien bees made out their beehive with some cosmic wax and set it up in Barcelona among very simple buildings.
Near by this Gaudi’s temple, there is a small park with a children’s playground where I spent hours with Kaja and enjoying the view.

During these few days of our stay in Barcelona, we have seen several demonstrations for the arrest of a large number  Catalans who have clearly looked forward a referendum on Catalan independence. The Spanish government, ten days ago, arrested all people who publicly promoted independence. The world has maximized the neglect of this condemnation, letting to Spain to solve this as its internal problem, leaving so many people at the mercy of the Spanish government revolted by election results in which the vast majority have opted for independence.

Apart from these pretty silent demonstrations and the paroles around the city calling for the release of the captured, we as tourists could not felt any kind of discomfort, on the contrary! With the pictures of the demonstrations I have in head from the former Yugoslavia and how it all was at ours, I was expecting things to be more intense, but it was a pleasant surprise to everything pass pretty ok.

For those couple of days in Barcelona, I’ve been visited almost everything I planned, meeting some dear people, breathing a lot of salted air and taking up tons of sunlight and enjoying, enjoying, enjoying all of it. But, of course, there are never enough Barcelona and there is a great desire to re-visit this beautiful city. As soon as possible! Because visiting this city really does not relate what the season is. Simply, Barcelona is always a good idea.


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  1. I think you should know about Spain and its autonomous regions system. Catalonia has far more powers than most regions in Europe. Only as an example, remember one can only study in catalan there (spanish castilian is almost completely excluded). The independentist movement was in fact fueled by corrupted conservative nationalists who had been stealing from catalans for 40 years in order to hide what they did. And there are no political prisoners in Spain. One cannot be jailed for his/her opinions and this doesn’t happen in Spain at all. Cheers

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