Boxhagener Platz, the Soul of Berlin

Before I moved to Berlin, I used to ” went down” on the google maps and ” walked” around the Boxhagener platz, Friedrichshain.

Even then I really liked the whole area, especially Simon Dach Strasse.

The photos on the map were taken during summer with green trees above the small sweet cafes and shops, but even when we arrived in January in the middle of working day at minus 10 C degrees,  on Boxhagener platz was very lively. It only confirmed the our desire to look for a apartment near by.

Residents of this part are mainly students and tourists due to the large choice of clubs and restaurants as well as young families with a little kids.

Everyone on Boxhagener platz is very friendly and it is easy to meet a new people.

Living in this part of the city is similar to living in the Old Town of Belgrade or other city center. All you need is here at a maximum distance of 2 km. Huge, beautiful parks, numerous cafes, restaurants, libraries, cinemas and teatres, shopping malls, various big boutiques, renowned clubs, small boutiques with handmade clothes and secondhand shops, all are located in a couple of square miles in the Boxhagener area. The whole area is green with a beautiful buildings.

Dachkammer Boxhagener platz

The most famous shopping center is Ring, complex of a couple buildings on 3-4 floors. Similar brands have been represented in Usce, Belgrade.

Ring shoping centar near to Boxhagener platz

In addition to the large shoping moles, there are also small sweet shops with the handmade clothes and the secondhand shops by which Berlin is known.

Handmade clothes Boxhagener platz

Vintage clothes Boxhagener platz

What I really love and visit every day are beautiful parks. The most known is the Boxi Park, located in the Boxhagener platz center. This park seems to look ordinary but its energy is amazing. People who come to park are special people from all over the world who love Boxhagener platz for personal but similar reasons.

caffee Boxhagener platz


Every sunday the flea market is organized here with the always present street musicians.

street players fleamarket boxhagener platz

Smaller and alternative cinemas and theatres are located near the park.

intimes kino boxhagener platz

kino boxhagener platz

The best clubs in the area are located in Revalerstrasse. The clubs in Savamala(Belgrade) were probably created on this model.

The similarity is pretty unbelieveble.

skatehalle reveal boxhagener platz

furniture revaler strasse boxhagener platz


clubs revaler strasse boxhagener platz

Berlin has more modern and far more luxurious parts, but I really prefer Boxhagener platz most.

The soul of Berlin is right here.

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