I’m waking up. Monday. Today is rainy, chilly. Kaja is still asleep, I have an hour for sure until she wakes up. I would now so read a good book!

I’m looking for one in vain by this flat, because every time it turns out that I here in apartment have only a few, favorite, already memorized. I remembered all that books on shelves in my apartment, in the attic in Belgrade, and becoming nostalgic. I remember the huge terrace with a deckchair and flowers.

Just a perfect day

I like to get up early especially in this pre-summer period when the days are warm and the mornings are still chill. If I wake about 7-8 and see the sun and the clear sky without clouds, it seems to me that the whole world is mine. This feeling usually disappears till noon, especially if I stay in the apartment so that whenever I can, I go out right away to keep that energy..

Pure happiness or through Berlin by bicycle

By coming to Berlin, I was surprised how many people were riding the bikes and how much the streets are adjusting to them. A whole families rading bikes, even grandmas and grandpas, too. Only the youngest ones, the ones in diapers, are ridden in a seat hanging on a mommy bike instead of a bucket or ridden in a trailers, different designs and sizes, larger, smaller, for one or more children. Throughout the year, even during the coldest days, parents rides children to kindergartens by bikes, and older children over the age of 4-5 are tracking them by driving their bikes regularly involved in the traffic.