Pursuit for apartmant

When from Belgrade we read forums, realize that here very difficult to find an apartment. Then go to ads for flats and see that every day in every known end appears at least three perfect and three more acceptable apartments and that those who were in circulation prior to twenty days is still on offer. Only then you did not realize anyhing. In Belgrade, the apartments are issued for two days, or even less, and already withdrawn from the ads because they are rented. Why then in Berlin are the same ads for weeks?

How to survive winter?

Winter is more severe here than what we’re used to because of the low temperature is more constant. In Belgrade, during winter, the temperature drops below -10°C, but for a couple of days increases to +10, and again falls but rises and so alternately until March, but at least we wait for those days with positive temperature and we look forward to them.
But how to survive when the two months the temperature is -5 every single day?